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$1.8 Million For Linden NGSA Students

On Sunday last, $1.8Million was committed to assisting two students of Linden, who gained entrance to top schools at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

A simple community meeting held at the Silver City Secondary School by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon turned out to be an inspiring one for residents and other attendees.

In fact, it was Minister Harmon who started the ball rolling when he made donations to the region’s ten top students for their outstanding performance at the NGSA. Packages, including one laptop each along with other school items, were presented to the children.

The students included the region’s top performer Shakina McGregor along with Shaniya Flatts, Shakela London, Antwone Ward, Latonia Edwards, Zaria Jacobis, Zalika Dey, Tamira Bentley and Owen Hooper.

The auditorium was transformed into a hub of excitement when overseas-based Guyanese Basil Blackman pledged $200,000 each to the two students whose parents indicated that their financial challenges would prevent their children from attending the senior secondary schools in Georgetown.

Zaria Jacobis of the One Mile Primary School was awarded a place at Queens College with 514 marks. However, her mother Rayann Jacobis had said that she would not be able to send her daughter to the prestigious secondary school. Understanding her parents’ situation, Zaria said she would be comfortable attending the McKenzie High School.

Also, among the group is a visually impaired student of the Wismar Hill Primary School, Dimitry Waldron who was awarded a place at President’s College.

Businessman Kadim “Kads” Khan matched the commitment by the previous commitment of $400,000. This followed several commitments by other residents, as $400,000 was pledged to the two students, while three residents gave $600,000, $50,000 and 200 Euros, respectively.

Along with his $400,000 donation, Blackman presented each of the top ten students with $21,000 at the meeting.

Jacobis’ mother, Rayann, had said that her job as a sales clerk is often not sufficient to support her family. She is, however, proud that her daughter was able to overcome and succeed in light of some physical challenges at birth.

Like Jacobis, Waldron has had his share of physical challenges. He has been living with a genetic disorder called congenital toxomoplasmosis. However, his academic successes have stood out over the years

By: Alexis Rodney.

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