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That was Pastor Ronald McGarrell, Chairman of the Inter-Religious Organization. Pastor McGarrell was praying today at the cenotaph, in Georgetown, as Guyana joined most of the world, to celebrate and reflect on the 100th anniversary of the ending of World war one.

The event was marked with much pomp and ceremony as the disciplined forces, paramilitary groups, and the army veterans, turned out in their numbers, all bedecked in their ceremonial regalia.

Both of Heads of State were there for the commemoration of this historic event. First to arrive was Prime Minister Acting, Carl Greenridge. He was ushered to his place at the in the parade and received the Prime Ministerial salute.

The Prime Ministerialist salute is the truncated 1st verse of Guyana’s National Anthem

Next to arrive was the Head of State Moses Nagamootoo, who is acting in the absence of President David Granger.

On arriving, he first greeted the Acting Prime Minister, then the heads of the discipline forces. He was ushered to his position in the parade, for a full presidential salute, which is the entire stanza of the first verse of the Guyana National anthem

Wreaths were laid; first by President Nagamootoo, then Prime Minister Greenidge, followed by the leaders of the discipline and armed forces, followed by other related personnel, including all the heads of the embassies and consulate represented in Guyana

Members of the Muslim, Hindu and Christion religions offered prayers for and on behalf of the nation.

Music and singing were provided by the Guyana police band and choir; there was a two minutes silence, in honour of the fallen heroes.

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