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$126M Roadworks From White Hill To Issano 90% Completed

Issano road is located some 75 miles from the Bartica-Potaro road it extends approximately 52 miles to the Issano Landing in Region 7. Currently, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is working around the clock to rehabilitate the Issano road which runs between White Hill to Issano Landing.

Residents living along Issano Road at Mile 14 are already benefitting from Phase 1 of the roadworks, which included the rehabilitation and construction of the Issano road up to White Hill.

Beverage store owner and resident of Mile 14 along Issano Road, Rushell Allicock.

Rushell Allicock, who runs a beverage store said, “during the dry season, travel time is really fast… you just pass through easy”. Located a few houses down the upgraded road is Shafi Ali who transports fuel in the hinterland region. He recalled the deplorable state of the road before the transformative works. “It was in a terrible condition, man. The white sand alone on the hills. It was hard to travel. The hills steep, and you would slide back,” Ali said. With respect to the completed works in Mile 14, he stated, “it is in better condition. They grade down the hills. They have made greater turnoffs so you can see the vehicles approach.” Ali also said that night travel is much safer since there is a wider view to see headlights of oncoming vehicles.

Fuel Transporter and resident of Mile 14 along Issnao Road, Shafi Ali.

Additionally, grocery store owner Sequila Glyne explained that the road was in a deplorable state for some 16 years. “It was very bad, but now it is better than before,” Glyne noted that one of the major gains of the upgraded roadway is the hours of reduced travel time.

Grocery store owner and resident of Mile 14 along Issnao Road, Sequila Glyne.

These residents are merely a subset of those that welcome the works to complete the entire length of Issano road. With Phase 1 finished, work on Phase 2 is 90% complete. Hinterland Engineer within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Jeffrey Walcott mentioned that the remaining works from White Hill to Issano Landing include minor base prep and placement of laterite as the finishing touch.

Laterite is hard when dry and is a favoured alternative to many other types of soil in hinterland regions due to its resilience. At present, the rainy season presents a considerable challenge to the completion of the road, but the Public Infrastructure Ministry is committed to ensuring the success of the project.

MMC Incorporated has been contracted to execute the works for Phase 2 of Issano Road from White Hill to Issano Landing. The cost of the hinterland project totals $126M. Once finished, the road will provide improved access to residents, miners and loggers between Regions 7 and 8.

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