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$14M for Reg. 6 Health Institutes

Fourteen million dollars ($14M) in furnishing and equipment was recently distributed to 52 health centers, three regional hospitals and doctors/nurses’ quarters in East Berbice-Corentyne Region 6.

The supplies include complete bed sets, couches, sofa sets, refrigerators, washing machines, gas stove, fans, computers, office desk, one treadmill, irons, trash cans, umbrellas, boots, raincoats, and wheelchairs among many other items.

A section of the gathering at the presentation ceremony

During the presentation ceremony at the Regional Health Services compound, Regional Executive Officer (REO), Kim Williams-Stephen noted that it is the responsibility of the regional administration to provide essential equipment to the health sector of Berbice so that it can better serve the residents. According to the REO, a total of $35M was allocated to the Health Sector in Region 6 for furniture, equipment, and capital expenditure. The remainder on the budget will be used to create major upgrades within the health sector.

Some of the furnishing and equipment handed over

Also, addressing the recipients was the Director of Regional Health Services for the region, Jevaughn Andrew Stephen, who said another distribution exercise of equipment will be carried out in a few months. He noted that with the doctors and nurses working in a conducive environment they will be able to deliver a more effective service to patients. Stephen pledge to continue working to further develop the region’s health sector.

Some of the furnishing and equipment handed over

He emphasized that the remaining capital expenditure will be spent on the purchasing of advanced medical equipment.

Story Tanuja Raikha.

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