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18 Year Old Male Remanded For Sodomy Of A Child

An 18-year-old male was found guilty of sodomizing a seven-year-old boy. The Demerara Sexual Offences Court heard that the defendant was 14 years old when he committed the act on December 1 and 24, 2015. The teenager forced the young boy to perform the sex act twice, while the child was left in his care. The child later complained to his parents who made a report to the police. The Court imposed a sentence of one year and six months for the first count and two years on the second count. The sentences are to be served concurrently. Although he was found guilty based on certain provisions of the Juvenile Offenders Act, the charges will not be recorded as convictions. Also, the maximum prison sentence that can be imposed for such offences is five years. The teenager is also expected to undergo counselling at the Ministry of Social Protection. He also has to enrol in the skills training program under that Ministry. Failure to adhere to the court’s orders will see him serving another year in prison.

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