Foo Vs Mayor Over Money Found In Bag

An article was published in chronicle newspapers about the Chief Constable Andrew foo being under investigation after a bag of cash belonging to the Mayor and City council was found inside his vehicle. The incident took place last Tuesday. The Mayor said that he only heard of the situation from someone

Herstelling Residents Decry Deteriorating Road

After several years of enduring a deplorable road, the residence of Herstelling, E.B.D is voicing they're concerning yet again. The Neighbourhood is complaining that Democratic Council has repeatedly refused to provide any solution with their plight. Headline News had highlighted the road situation over a year ago and the local NDC

Vivaanta Spa Launches Kersatase Hair Brand

On Thursday, Vivaanta Aryvedic spa and hair salon official launched their haircare brand Kerastase. Kérastase is a French-based international luxury haircare brand, which forms part of the portfolio of the professional products division of the multi-national parent company the L'Oréal Group. Vivaanta Aryvedic spa and hair salon

Parents Can Verify NGSA Exams Results

Parents who may query the results of their children that wrote this year National grade six assessment or may request for the student to attend the school with their required marks can have the process done through the ministry exam division. During the award ceremony held on Wednesday morning