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$71k Salary for CAL Manager with No Aviation Experience

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Questions have been raised over hiring procedures at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) after it was revealed that the General Manager of Cargo at the State enterprise earns a monthly salary of $71,000.

The manager, however, has no experience in the airline industry.

The shocking revelation was made on Monday during a Joint Select Committee on State Enterprises inquiring into the management and operations of CAL.

JSC Chairman on State Enterprises Dr. David Small expressed concern over the matter as he noted that the individual is earning more than the Prime Minister.

“We have someone who is in charge of cargo on paper here earning $71, 000 a month, has no airline experience, has no aviation experience, no cargo experience, last experience noted for us here has to do something with catering,” the JSC Chairman noted.

Small recommended that the contract be terminated immediately.

“So were are trying to explain the link with between someone who has been involved in catering, some type of business around food management, being the general manager of cargo of an airline. The link for us doesn’t exist. It stands out as something that should not have happened,” Small added.

Meanwhile, committee member Wade Mark also raised questions regarding the recruitment of some eleven persons to senior management positions at CAL.

A considerable number of those persons, he claimed came from Digicel.

Among them were five software engineers.

CAL CEO Garvin Medera, who previously worked at Digicel was asked how many of those recruited he personally knew before leaving Digicel.

“With the recruitment process, I recruited three persons at the senior management level who I knew from Digicel prior to joining CAL. The rest of the recruitment took place with the general HR team and managers within the IT function,” Medera revealed.

JSC Chairman troubled over one-word response by CAL to recommendations

JSC Chairman on State Enterprises Dr. David Small has described as ‘troubling’, ‘dismissive’ and ‘inappropriate’ one worded responses to its recommendations by Caribbean Airlines.

Small said in many cases the state enterprise responded with the word, ‘noted.’

“This committee does not pull recommendations out of the thin air. A massive amount of time and rigorous effort goes into our work output and when we got some of the responses we received from Caribbean Airlines to some of our recommendations, the Committee could say that it is troubling,” the Joint Select Chairman on State Enterprises noted.

In response to the Committee’s concern, CAL Chairman Shameer Mohammed said CAL didn’t have enough time to comprehensively review the recommendations.

However, this didn’t sit well with Small who regarded his response as a non-response.

Mohammed sought to assure that the one word responses were no way meant to insult the Committee and that its recommendations have in no way been ignored.

Small concluded that the actions of CAL amounts to errant behaviour and thinking.

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