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Accident in Den Amstel Kills Two

Two mini bus drivers are in police custody assisting with the investigation into a fatal accident which occured about 11:20hrs today on the Dem Amstel Public Road, WCD that claimed the lives of two brothers who were on a bicycle.

Dead are Sherman West, 28, a labourer and Shalum Allen, 19yrs, unemployed, both of lots 8-9 Fellowship, WCD. They were rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital in an unconscious state by the police but were pronounced dead on arrival.

Investigations revealed that mini bus # BVV 8882 which was proceeding east along the northern side of the road stopped to put off passengers, while the deceased on a bicycle with Allen being towed, was proceeding in the said direction but behind BVV 8882.

As West (deceased) was in the process of passing BVV 8882, the bus suddenly drove off and its right side front collided with the left handle bar of the bicycle; as a result of the impact the cyclist and his brother (Allen) fell onto the southern carriageway of the road and were struck by mini bus BVV 7042 which was proceeding in the opposite direction.

The drivers were breathalyzed and no alcohol found in their breath.

Investigation in progress.

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