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Adequate And Urban Accessibility Programme Targeting 2,500 Low Income Families

The Central Housing and Planning Authority will be constructing free core houses for more than 200 families. This $30M USD program is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. The initiative named the Adequate and Urban Accessibility Programme. It also makes provisions for housing subsidies to be given to eligible families to repair their existing homes.
Around 2500 citizens are expected to benefit from the project which will target low-income families.

To eligible for the program the family must;

Be Guyanese citizens
Own a house lot
Collectively earn less than $75,000 monthly

Successful applicants must submit $100,000, obtain a plan approval and pay associated costs while CH&PA will provide a building plan, materials and labour to build the home.
The CH&PA explained that applicants must be able to prove that they are currently living in a place that is of poor quality or outright unfit for human habitation and living in a dangerous neighbourhood.

The other part of the program provides home improvement subsidies for those in need. Applicants can receive up to $500,000 worth of materials and labour to repair their homes.

Improvements eligible for the program include repairs to the roof, walls, plumbing, rainwater collection, and any modification for persons with disabilities. But the construction of a verandah or a fence is not eligible. The CH&PA are currently targeting communities in Georgetown, the East Coast of Demerara, the East Bank of Demerara and Region Three.

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