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AFC rejects Town Clerk’s apology demand

The Alliance For Change has chastised Town Clerk Royston King for demanding an apology following last month’s no confidence vote, brought forth by Georgetown City Councillor Sherod Duncan. In a press release, the AFC has made it clear that they will not apologize for the action.

“Specifically, the AFC puts Mr. King on notice that the vulgar demand letter sent to duly elected councillor and former Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan will be strongly resisted by the party.”

The press release further criticizes the Town Clerks actions, claiming that his behavior is inappropriate for the position.

“The party believes that Town Clerk Mr. Royston King needs to better understand his role and functions and the reporting structure at City Hall. He is a servant of the people of Georgetown and the Mayor and City Council, not, as the evidence of his actions and conduct suggest, the other way round.”

The party continued to berate Mr. King by insinuating that even the general public has turned against him.

“Further the party has detected that the public no longer has any confidence that Mr. King is either capable of, or willing to execute the functions of the Town Clerk.”

Mr. King has yet to respond.

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