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Alleged Mastermind Apprehended In Stabroek Multi-Million-Dollar Jewelry Heist

After bandits carted off millions of dollars in valuables last Tuesday morning from the popular L. Seepersaud Maraj & Sons jewelry store at the Stabroek Market.

The police have made a major breakthrough in the case, claiming that the alleged mastermind has been apprehended.

According to information received, CID detectives have taken into questioning the architect of the crime.

The well-established jewelry stored was secured with an alarm system that was being monitored by the MMC Security Force.

According to the owners, contact was made later in the afternoon with the Security Company who informed the owners that the alarm was indeed set off three times that night.

However the proprietor noted that the MMC never informed them or the police that the alarms went off.

The owners said that it is customary, that whenever the alarm is set off, “MMC would call immediately and the fact that we never received any calls or reports from them is puzzling.”

However, in a public statement the MMC Refutes the owners’ claim, stating “We regret making a public statement about a client’s confidential security matters, but we feel obligated to correct the false statements made in some recent media reports about the robbery at L. Seepersaud Maraj & Sons Jewelery.

Upon receiving alarm signals from the Maraj store, MMC Security Force made calls to the telephone numbers provided by our client.

MMC said that they have verified their information with GTT’s records.

Those calls were not answered. As per operating procedure, we dispatched an armed Patrol-team to the client’s location.

Unfortunately, our team was unable to gain access to the Stabroek Market after normal business hours”, MCC said

In addition to the ring leader, the police had previously arrested six other persons who are assisting with the investigations.

The jewelry stall that has been been operating business in the Stabroek Market for more than half a century.

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