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ALMOST FINISHED!!! Golden Grove Secondary On Track For May 15th Completion

The construction of the Golden Grove Secondary School is on track and is expected to be completed in another two to three weeks. This was the assurance given by the Project Engineer of Ivor Allen Contracting Services, Wayne Newton. Newton disclosed that they are currently adding the final touches to the school, which has been constructed to the tune of 170 million dollars.
“Right now we are just putting on the little fine, fine touching but we definitely will be completed by the middle of May so that the students at the old building can move over,” Newton assured.
Regional Executive Officer (REO), Pauline Lucas in an extensive tour of the facility with the Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC) Engineer, Elon Austin said that she is satisfied with the works noting that the quality is evidently high and she is proud that the school is being constructed as it will be home to some 900 students. The size of the building is 454 feet long by 30 feet in width to a tune of 17, 203, 347.00
“Currently the old building has 300 odd students but with this massive structure that has been constructed, it simply means that they can double their numbers because of the space that is available. “The school currently cares for 300 odd but with this new facility it would be 900, which mean that a lot more students can be accommodated,” she indicated.

Site Supervisor Harry Persaud, REO Pauline Lucas, RDC Engineer Elon Austin and Project Engineer Wayne Newton strikes a pose with the new school in the back ground

The new structure will boast a modernized science lab, library, home economics department, home management unit, staff room, multipurpose hall among other facilities. He disclosed that the new school will be further boosted with an elevator which he said would be primarily geared at providing the required assurance for those that may be physically and or differently able. “In the construction of the school, the Region thought about building a structure that is friendly to all.
Therefore, instead of having to place undue pressure and difficulties of someone who is physically and or differently able, we thought about ensuring that all systems are in place to cater to the various needs,” REO Lucas stressed.
She pointed out that the school will be only the second school in the country that has an elevator following in the footsteps f Bishop High School. “We opted to build an elevator as we recognize that with advancement in technology, we must be ready to enhance the delivery of education while catering to the needs of all,” she declared.
The REO disclosed that the school is one that can last for a very long time but like anything, if it’s not taken care of properly and preserved then it would certainly destroy. “What is important is for each student to know that they have a very good building and keeping it nice requires great responsibility. As such, ensuring that the school is properly maintained would be a shared responsibility by all,” she declared.
L-R Engineer Newton along with REO Lucas and RDC Engineer Austin

Meanwhile, Contractor Ivor Allen expressed happiness over the REO’s comments stressing that his company always endeavors to provide the highest quality. “We have been in the construction business for years and it is always our intention to ensure that the best quality is given to our clients. As such, the construction of Golden Grove Secondary school is no different and we are happy that the Regional officials who have been examining and touring the site during the construction have all expressed satisfaction with the quality and level of work being done.” Allen said.

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