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ALTA To Support Region Aviation Sector Growth

At the ongoing International Civil Aviation Organisation’s, Air Transport Meeting, Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association Luis Felipe de Oliveira, explained that the region’s aviation sector currently experiences several challenges including limited infrastructure, very high charges and fees as well as a limited regulatory framework. However, ALTA is ready to contribute to the growth of the Region’s aviation sector.

ALTA intends to double the size of the region’s aviation industry by 2035 with over 600 million travellers. This will result in better jobs and income for approximately 70 per cent of the region’s population. It was also highlighted that air transport is vital to the development of tourism since more than half of international tourists arrive at their destinations via air. Director-General of Trinidad and Tobago’s Civil Aviation Authority, Francis Regis expressed support for the Oliveira’s assessment and suggested that much must be done to prepare for this growth.

Regis further explained that leisure travel is responsible for 76.8 per cent, while business travel is 23.2 per cent. However, with the onset of Guyana’s emerging oil industry and businesses associated with it, this percentage is expected to change in the coming years.

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