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Another Cyclists Suffers a Gruesome Death In An Accident

Another cyclists suffers a gruesome death in an accident

A series of motorcycle accidents occurred last night and one of the cyclists died…Wendell Jeffrey reports….

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Monday, 8 July 2019

Last night there were two separate accidents in the same vicinity, involving some young motorcyclists. The accidents happened around the regent road and Vlissingen road area

One of the men died when he rode into a car. He body laid sprawling on the road with obvious signs that he suffered several broken bones. The other person on the bike was seriously injured. They were taken to the hospital.

Just before that accident, another biker rode into another motor car, not far away. Those riders were also taken to the hospital.

In one of the accidents the motorcycle hit the car with such force, the motorcycle burst into flames and remained burning at the side of the road.

On the scene, several other bikers were seen riding without helmets and engaging in conversations with the police.

In one of the interactions, one of the police officers is heard cursing at motorcyclists, and warning that they will end up like the other dead cyclists.

Wearing helmets while riding motorcycles in Guyana is the law. However, the police seem either unable or unwilling to curb the practice of cyclists riding without helmets

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