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ANUG Party is Counting Swing Voters

Former PPP member of parliament, Dr. Henry Jeffrey, was speaking at a youth forum that his new party held on Sunday night, at the Parc Rayne complex, on the East Bank. The party is called A New and United Guyana (Anog)

Jeffrey was making the point that the two Major parties dominate the political space in Guyana, and it is difficult to change that reality, even though such a change is necessary. He said that his party is trying to use the swing voters to make a difference.

C2 HLN asked Jeffrey if the ANUG Party had ever considered a uniting with any of the other new and smaller parties.

C2 HLN also asked about how the ANUG party will be funded, given the 10’s of millions of dollars needed to get their messages out

Dr. Jeffrey said that while they are personally funding the initial start-up of the party, they are actively seeking funding and they are hoping that those who promised financial assistance, will deliver on their promise

The veteran politician told C2 HLN that the party founder members cannot keep spending their own monies to support the new party.

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