Any Inglewood women wanna smoke

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This song is currently unavailable in your area. California Ft. Moon rock got me acting like I never had shit From Bankhead to a Hollywood address Same nigga tho Wanna run get your ass kicked Respect it more than a tad bit Every hood every set though Sheesh!

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Palm trees in the L the top pushed back blowin smoke out the roof cookies to be exact Im always in cali cuz this is where its at Bitches bud good weather what you know bout that Where all the flat bitches ride Binges abd beamers they either wanna be a actress or a singer Im at the stip club on sunset throwin singles with this bad bitch from compton paulina Breakin down back woods rollin gasoline up left the loud factor pulled up in Englewood I fuck with some crips and I fuck with some bloods i fuck with some esseys My stands house in the valley Welcome to my palace Just went and killed two shows out in Dallas said i owed you from Atlanta crates from the base I stay gettin that work in California And all the killers they show me love in California yea I flew a bitch from the A to California And I be Smokin on the best loud in California California, oh California I swear I got to get back to that place to smoke on that cali!!

Any Inglewood women wanna smoke

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