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APNU Rolls Out Coordinated GECOM Protests

Because of the successful passage of NCM in December, elections are constitutional to be held in late March 2019. However, in addition to a slew of court challenges to squash that motion, the clarion calls by the Government and their supporters, is for there to be house-to-house registration.

Yesterday there was a number of Government-backed protests, in different regions of Guyana. In one instance, Coalition supporters on the West Bank of Demerara turned out yesterday in front of the GECOM office in Poudroine.

McCallister is calling for sanitization of the voters’ list. She argues that anything less than that would allow for the disenfranchisement of the Guyanese voting populace.

The call, however, is not only scrubbing of the voters’ list but for the registration of young and new voters.

In Lethem, there was a similar coordinated protest. Carlton Beckles, APNU’S Region 9 Chairman, said that he knows for sure that the list is contaminated

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