Beautiful older woman seeking flirt Trenton

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But he cannot stop imagining Jane fooling around with Stradlaterand he has trouble falling asleep. He wakes Ackley and talks with him some more, asking whether he could run off and a monastery without being Catholic. After passing a few days there in secret, he will wait until his parents have digested the news of his expulsion before he returns to their apartment.

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He packs his bags, dons his hunting hat, and begins to cry. Holden walks the entire way to the train station and catches a late train to New York. At Trenton, an attractive older woman gets on and sits next to him. She turns out to be the mother of his classmate, Ernest Morrow. When she asks why he is leaving Pencey early, Holden claims to be returning to New York for a brain tumor operation.

At Penn Station, Holden wants to call someone but cannot think of anyone to call—his brother, D. So, Holden takes a cab to the Edmont Hotel. He tries to make conversation with the driver, asking him where the ducks in the Central Park lagoon go in the winter, but the driver is uninterested.

In his room at the Edmont, he looks out across the hotel courtyard into the lighted windows on the other side and discovers a variety of bizarre acts taking place. Holden begins to feel aroused, so he calls Faith Cavendish, a promiscuous girl recommended to him by a boy he met at a party and tries to make a date with her.

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She refuses, claiming she needs her beauty sleep. At no point in the story does he say that he is undergoing an emotional strain; he simply describes his increasingly desperate behavior without much explanation. In the sections, Holden exhibited a of behaviors that might indicate a troubled mind: running through the snow to Mr. His desire for human contact becomes even more intense as the section progresses: he begins to feel sexually aroused and tries to make a date with a stranger whose he was given at a party, then goes to a nightclub to flirt with older women.

As soon as he meets Mrs. Morrow on the train, Holden begins telling ridiculous lies, claiming to be named Rudolph Schmidt and to be going to New York for a brain tumor operation. He feels guilty for lying, but the only way he can stop is to stop talking altogether.

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There is no particular rhyme or reason for the lies he tells Mrs. Morrow—his intentions toward her may be kind, or cruel, or simply careless. What does seem clear is that he lies to deflect attention from himself and what he is doing. What bothers him is his perception that sexual attraction can be separate from respect and intimacy, and that sex can be casual or kinky.

As he tells his story, Holden never seems particularly concerned about his own behavior or that of those around him. He often seems angry, but he rarely discusses his feelings. By combining what we know about Holden from his narration with his actions in the story, we can piece together the desperation, the pressure, and the trauma he endures during this difficult time in his life. Ace your asments with our guide to The Catcher in the Rye!

Want study tips sent straight to your inbox? SparkTeach Teacher's Handbook. Antolini Mr. Spencer Stradlater Carl Luce. Summary Chapters 7—9. Summary: Chapter 8 Holden walks the entire way to the train station and catches a late train to New York. section Chapters 5—6 Next section Chapters 10— Test your knowledge Take the Chapters Quick Quiz. Popular s: The Catcher in the Rye.

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Beautiful older woman seeking flirt Trenton

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