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Businessman Shot Neighbor Four Times.

The owner of the Tourist Villa Hotel on Fifth Avenue Subryanville, Kitty is in police custody for shooting his neighbor 30year old Jason De
Florimonte this morning.

De Florimonte was shot four times by the 45-year-old Erwin Bacchus who owns the hotel.
According to reports reaching Channel 2 Headline News that De Florimonte and his 24-year-old girlfriend were having an argument at his house.

the Victim De Florimonte

However, a handyman attached to Tourist Villa witnessed what transpired an attempt to make peace but was but was interrupted by De Florimonte after he chased the handyman away. The handyman then ran into the hotel.

while De Florimonte was in the hotel, the owner shot him four times to his chest.
The businessman is a licensed firearm holder.

Investigations continue.

By: Shemar Alleyne

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