Foo Vs Mayor Over Money Found In Bag

An article was published in chronicle newspapers about the Chief Constable Andrew foo being under investigation after a bag of cash belonging to the Mayor and City council was found inside his vehicle. The incident took place last Tuesday. The Mayor said that he only heard of the situation from someone

Herstelling Residents Decry Deteriorating Road

After several years of enduring a deplorable road, the residence of Herstelling, E.B.D is voicing they're concerning yet again. The Neighbourhood is complaining that Democratic Council has repeatedly refused to provide any solution with their plight. Headline News had highlighted the road situation over a year ago and the local NDC

Mayor Tries To Bring Relief To Flood Victims

After several sections of Georgetown was laden by flood waters on Wednesday. The Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine and his team visited the affected areas. This visit prompted the Mayor the next day, launched a cleanup campaign, cleaning the drains and the sluice in Princess and Water Street. While the water level

Roger Khan Set To Return Home

Kaieteur news is reporting that According to the US Bureau of Prisons, the infamous Roger Shaheed Khan, will be released from prison this time next week. His release date is listed as July 8, 2019. The local US embassy is said to be cooperating with the Guyanese authorities to allow for

$126M Roadworks From White Hill To Issano 90% Completed

Issano road is located some 75 miles from the Bartica-Potaro road it extends approximately 52 miles to the Issano Landing in Region 7. Currently, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is working around the clock to rehabilitate the Issano road which runs between White Hill to Issano Landing. Residents living along Issano