APNU Rolls Out Coordinated GECOM Protests

Because of the successful passage of NCM in December, elections are constitutional to be held in late March 2019. However, in addition to a slew of court challenges to squash that motion, the clarion calls by the Government and their supporters, is for there to be house-to-house registration. Yesterday there was

ANUG Party is Counting Swing Voters

Former PPP member of parliament, Dr. Henry Jeffrey, was speaking at a youth forum that his new party held on Sunday night, at the Parc Rayne complex, on the East Bank. The party is called A New and United Guyana (Anog) Jeffrey was making the point that the two Major parties

Female Security Officers Bemoans Security Firm

After working several months with a security firm, two female employees are still awaiting their salary. Leslyn Norton and her sister Lovie Norton were employed by Titanium Security Services. The two women who mostly worked on the night shift at the Sophia Nursery School said that from the day


To mark International Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) day, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and European Union Delegation to Guyana, with support from the Ministry of Education, launched the third and final campaign to promote STEM for girls in Guyana, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre on Monday, February


On Monday, The Guyana Post Office Corporation recommissioned the Wismar Post Office in Linden. The last decade has witnessed a rash of daytime robberies and break-and-enter incidents at nights, many of which were committed or attempted on the days when Pensioners are paid. The latest of such incidents took place


The King has been dethroned,. On Wednesday Royston King was given a letter terminating of his services as Town Clerk of Georgetown. According to reports the Chairman of the Local Government Commission, Mortimer Mingo noted that termination letter was given due to numerous allegations levied against the embattled town clerk.