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Charles Ceres To Sue Jagdeo Over Misinformation

Opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo could soon find himself before the Court as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ground Structures Engineering Consultants (GSEC), Charles Ceres plans to file a lawsuit against misinformation which Jagdeo has shared.

The Geotechnical Engineer and Groundwater Hydrologist was among a list of persons Jagdeo sought to malign at his press conference on Thursday, alleging that they were handed prime lands by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC).

Jagdeo claimed that Ceres received 1,297.1 acres in the Canje Creek, Region 6, and 112 acres in Bohemia, Region 6.

“I intend to have a suit filed against him for him to retract that statement. The facts are here, I have given you everything to validate what I have given to you,” Ceres told reporters today.

He explained that two leases were granted to him – one in his name for 1,297 acres of land in the Canje Creek area. It was however granted by the PPP government at a time when Bharrat Jagdeo was President. The second was granted to GSEC, a company owned by Ceres and his children, for 4.5 acres of land, in 2017.

Several others were granted land in Liliendaal including Ed Boyer for the Demerara Estates Development and an Indian University located east of GSEC location. GSEC paid approximately $4,000,000.00/acre with a yearly leasing fee of $900,000.00 for the land in Liliendaal.

Ceres said he relinquished the lease to the 1,297 acres of land in the Canje since several partners were unable to afford the development costs.

“The PPP, under Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar granted land to China Paper for $50.00 per acre per year. I paid $1,000.00/acre per year for the land in Canje Creek up to the time of relinquishment. I continue to pay $200,000 per acre/per year for the land in Liliendaal, which is being beneficially utilised as dictated by the terms of the lease.” he told the media

He continued “ I paid more for per acre for land, in Liliendaal, which was reclaimed from the swamp than Jagdeo & his group paid for lands developed at the expense of taxpayers for their lands in Pradoville 1 and 2. If I recall correctly, Jagdeo sold his land and house in Pradoville 1 to Ernie Ross, the Guyana Consul to Trinidad for $120,000,000.00.”

Ceres said he has released all details related to his transactions with the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission for public scrutiny and challenged Jagdeo and his “cabal” to make public the agreements for the lands acquired by them in Liliendaal.

Ceres also addressed the Facebook post of opposition Member of Parliament, Anil Nandlall. He said he intends to file a complaint with the Police Force since his assertions are false.

He maintained “I was granted land by the PPP in Canje, not Trevor Benn. I was never granted land in Bohemia.”

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