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CH&PA Continues Hinterland Housing Program

The Central Housing and Planning is currently building and repairing homes for hundreds of residents of Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo Region 9. The housing solutions include “full house replacement” and/or a “roof replacement”. A full house replacement means that families will be provided with a one-storey elevated timber building (Region One), or flat burnt-brick building (Region 9) measuring 500 sq. ft., with four rooms and front and back stairs; with a zinc roof, guttering, a 400-gallon water tank and a pit toilet. Under roof replacement, they will be provided with zinc sheets for their houses, measuring no more than 5000 sq. ft., complete with guttering, fittings and a 400-gallon water tank. CEO OF THE CENTRAL HOUSING AND PLANNING AUTHORITY LELON SAUL touted the impact of the program thus far.

Eight communities in Region Nine, Kataoka, Kwatamang, Massarra, Karaudarnawau, Haiowa, Karasabai, Potarinau and Sand Creek are expected to benefit from the multi-million dollar project funded in part by the Inter-American Development Bank. However, Saul explained that the Sustainable Housing for the Hinterland Program also extends to Barima-Waini Region 1.

The four communities in Region One expected to benefit from the delivery of a full house replacement subsidy are Whitewater, Kamwatta, Haimakabra and Sebai.

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