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A beautiful home, a loving wife, and a burgeoning career as a police detective when the unthinkable happens. Was it a terrible accident, suicide, or murder? Why did it take 7 years and a right to know request to get this case solved? The city is within the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. It has a population of approximatelyDenton was named one of the best places to live in Texas and has a highly rated school system. Viki was a 5th-grade school teacher.

They started seeing each other the summer after Viki graduated from high school. According to friends, they saw Viki blossom from a quiet, shy, slightly overweight girl to a beautiful young woman.

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They married on July 5,when Viki was 20 and Bobby Anna would live with them in another wing of the house. It was located in the affluent Del Sur Montecito neighborhood. By all s, it appeared that they had a good marriage. Viki and Bobby had gone out to dinner to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary.

They came home and played with Monty, who was now 11 months old. Eventually, the family settled down and went to bed. Bobby Lozano left their home around midnight saying that he needed to go to work for a while. Bobby would return home approximately two hours later. The next day, Bobby and Viki, who are now in their mid-thirties and Monty took a trip to Target and arrived home around pm.

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Monty was put to bed around 7 pm. Bobby Lozano went to play a computer puzzle game in another room. He said that he was there for about an hour while Viki went to bed to watch tv, claiming that she was not feeling well. About an hour later, Bobby came into the room and set up to clean his service weapon, a Glock 9mm handgun, on the bed. Bobby and Viki had planned to go to the PD firing range the next day. Bobby Lozano placed the gun cleaning kit onto the newspaper then removed his gun from his duty shoulder holster.

He removed the fully loaded magazine from the gun and placed it on top of the paper. Bobby told her not to worry about it. It would only take a few minutes to do and he already started working on Denton texas wife. Viki offered again, but Bobby told her just to relax and he left shortly before pm. Bobby arrived at the tanning studio and tanned for 20 minutes.

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He stopped at the front desk on his way out and asked the attendant how his 4th of July was. Bobby Lozano returned home at approximately 9 pm. When he entered the bedroom, Bobby noticed Viki was lying awkwardly on their bed.

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She was upright but bent over face down and slightly to the left of her left hip. He asked if she was okay. Bobby noticed the cleaning box and newspaper were not where Denton texas wife. left them as he walked around the bed. He then went to Viki and observed her tongue was hanging out of her mouth.

She was extremely pale and her body appeared listless when he tried to get her to sit up. That is when he noticed a large amount of blood pooled underneath her body and a hole in the middle of her nightgown. Bobby Lozano ran to the phone and dialed asking for emergency services shortly after 9 pm. Monty was asleep but he roused him when he picked him up. Bobby raced back across the hall and picked up the phone to continue talking to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher asked him about performing CPR. Bobby put down the phone and Monty and ran to Viki. He placed his leg over her for better leverage. Bobby was not fully straddling her and started to massage her chest and blow air into her mouth.

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He noticed the gun on the bed and tossed it to the side. Then he began CPR with her lying on the bed. After a short time, Bobby got back on the phone and said Viki was neither breathing nor conscious. He opened the front door and turned on the outside lights. When first responders arrived he greeted them at the front door holding his son.

One of those first responders was Captain Luke Scholl a paramedic and firefighter who arrived at pm. He noticed that Bobby Lozano did not seem out of breath or perspired. This was unusual for someone who had been performing CPR for five minutes as he was told en route by the dispatcher.

Scholl observed Bobby was calm and had no s of blood on his hands or clothing. He noticed the chest wound Viki had was directly where the palm of the hand would go when performing CPR. When he entered the bedroom Captain Scholl found Viki lying on her back. There was blood in the middle of her chest and her right leg hanging off the side of the bed. Viki was not conscious or breathing. She was cold to the touch and had a waxy appearance which indicated she had been dead for some time.

He also noticed that Viki had lividity in her right foot around the ankle area. Lividity is the pooling of blood that starts 30 to 45 minutes after death. It gives the body a molting or blanched look and it begins in the lowest part of the body, which indicates the body has begun to break down. He felt Denton texas wife.

body had been lying there a lot longer than an hour.

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Brandon Galbraith, another paramedic firefighter, also reported to the scene. He also felt that CPR was not performed. Chief Howell observed the scene and noticed a single sheet of newspaper, a Glock pistol, a brown box that contained gun cleaning supplies, a dish towel, and a pair of white athletic socks. He felt the scene had been staged. Howell felt it was unusual for someone to clean their gun on a bed and not a hard surface. They did not look like she had cleaned a gun or even sprayed it down with oil. Her hand did not look to have any gun residue on them.

The only way for that not to happen is if she had been wearing gloves. No gloves were found in the bedroom. When Chief Howell testified he admitted that he would have done things differently. It also looked as his Viki had been lying on her left side when she had been shot. Not bent over to the left as Bobby Lozano had said she was when he arrived home.

If that was the case she should have had s of lividity in her face. There were only s in her back and right foot that had been hanging Denton texas wife. the bed. The other issue was where was the shell casing? Investigators could not find it prior to moving anything in the room.

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They finally found the casing underneath the gun cleaning kit. Meaning that someone had placed the cleaning kit on top of the casing after the shooting. Texas Ranger, Tracy Murphee, had arrived on the scene at 11 pm. He felt that it was absurd that someone would clean their gun in a bed especially with only one sheet of newspaper. He felt it would take 15 to 20 minutes to do a decent job of cleaning a gun and 30 minutes or more to get it really clean.

Ranger Murphee would testify that Viki left side exit wound was shored — meaning she was lying against something like a mattress when the bullet exited her skin and that gunpowder residue was found only on the right side of her face, not on her left consistent with her being on her left side when the gun was fired.

He asked to see her one more time. This was done in front of her co-worker, Richard Godoy. Those on the scene did not feel Bobby Lozano was acting like a grieving husband. The issue of suicide was investigated. Bobby Lozano was asked Denton texas wife. Viki had been depressed.

Denton texas wife.

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He almost got away with murder