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Doerga: Minister And Rice Board Should Be Fired

Dr. Turhane Doerga, former Board Chairman of the Alesie group and an expert in the rice industry, says that the mess that Guyana has found itself in with the canceling of the Panama rice deal, calls for the immediate firing of the entire rice board.

Asked if the Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, should also be fired, the former AFC member answered in the affirmative.

Doerga said that this is a multimillion-dollar arrangement, that involves about 25% of the rice that Guyana produces. He added that it is a government to government deal and that the Government of Panama will be satisfied with nothing less than a clear message being sent.

Doerga is contending that this GRDB board, like the one under the PPP, is similarly corrupt, if only because they are behaving the same way

The rice expert says that the loss if left to stand, will be a significant blow to the local rice farmers. He averages the lost to be as much as 70,000 tons of rice per year.

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