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Eccles First health center expected to be completed this year


Residents of Eccles East Bank Demerara will soon benefit from the construction of a new health center. The $27 million facility will be the first of its kind for the community. According to Region 4 Regional Executive Officer Pauline Lucas, residents of Eccles would no longer be forced to use the Agricola or Herstelling health centres.

REO Lucas is keeping a close watch over this project and others. Lucas said the regular visits to projects being undertaken within her region is geared at ensuring that contractors are completing work in a timely manner and according to specifications.

“What we have seen over the years is that contractors do whatever they think that they should do while in other cases they seek to ‘cut corners’ thus robbing the public of the facilities that has been entrusted to them to build. Since assuming the position of REO, I have sought to take a more hands on approach  so my engineer would visit regularly while I would also go and inspect so that they are cognizant that I am not prepare for no substandard or poor executed works. If we are paying the tax payers monies then all we seek is value for money,” she declared.

The REO said that she is very excited with the construction of the health center noting that for a number of years residents of Eccles have been calling for such a facility.

It was disclosed that the heath center will contain a number of features that will certainly bolster the delivery of health care to residents and patients. Among some of these features includes three consultation rooms, a pharmacy, a records room, a dressing room, a treatment room, a VCT room, a rehabilitation room and bathrooms which will cater for those differently able.

The facility is expected to be completed before years end.


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