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Exxonmobil To Donate $10million USD For Conservation

The ExxonMobil Foundation has promised to contribute 10 million US DOLLARS to a new collaboration with Conservation International and the University of Guyana.

Kevin Murphy, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation said,

“This partnership will support the highest conservation priorities for the country as well as education and training for sustainable employment, it reinforces the government’s objectives as outlined in its Green State Development Strategy and demonstrates the value we place on our long-term relationship with the citizens of Guyana.”

The ExxonMobil Foundation will provide the investment over five years. The grant money will fund Conservation International Guyana and the University of Guyana efforts to deliver education, training, research and retention programs that will help ensure that economic growth reinforces Guyana’s environmental development goals. The investment is also intended to expand conservation areas in the Rupununi Wetlands, aid mangrove restoration and management and support improvements to community-based fishing on Guyana’s coast.

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