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Well this week I wasn't suppose to be anywhere but in Yellowstone with my family. Due to life events that wouldn't be the case. So the boys and I setout for a 5 days trip with no real plans. I heard the KCS westbound freight out of St. Louis had been running afternoons west of Roodhouse.

Well that change the week we showed up. On Wednesday a complete meltdown created a 12 hour late train and a rare daylight run west of Mexico on Thursday. After being stumped the 1st 2 days with this line, we made up for it this fine evening as we chased the train from Glasgow to Concord. With a departure out of Mexico, we waited at Glasgow for the 1st shot with the train crossing the huge Missouri River Bridge. At Slater the train would pickup cars and power and meet their counterpart at Blackburn making for a great evening chase!

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February The unit looked and sounded great doing a little switching of storage tank cars. Just 25 miles to the East before leaving Roodhouse, the crew had to swap around the engines after having problems with the EMDX Luckily for the crew, the train was only 12x27 after leaving Roodhouse, so the EMDX alone was sufficient for the steep grades of the river valleys. Decided to post a picture from February of this year due to Winter months quickly approaching again. The train has just completed switching at Roodhouse and is running hard to make its East St. Louis terminus before the crew hits their hours-of-service limit.

I'm glad they got it on the point during this go-round to and from KC. You never know what you'll see when railfanning.

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After working Roodhouse IL for a Face sitting Roodhouse Illinois hours the clouds rolled in making for a less than ideal shot. In a few more feet the train will top the grade and be on it's way to Mexico Mo. The 2nd unit was Emdx which is part of the Tier 4's that Ns canceled. Running west on the Kcs toward the next crew change point of Mexico Mo.

The 2nd unit was the leader before Roodhouse IL, But computer issues made the crew swap the leaders. March 1st Roodhouse, IL Feb 29th Shortly afterwards D31 encountered an Approach Diverging al at Farley's Lane, then went in the hole at Bates to meet eastbound freight This is one of the few times that I photographed this job using the SP mainline.

Photo By: Ryan Crawford. A throwback image of when the KCS holiday train was shootable around the St. Louis area. For the past few years, it has only come as far as Roodhouse and moving only at night. This year, it comes all the way into St. Louis, hopefully moving in daylight. Its the year the KCS Xmas train with new crew on broad is ready to leave and stop at town's along the way for children and parents to enjoy the holidays.

This a popular shot to do, and I finally feel satisfied with my own. A Galesburg to St. Louis freight passes thru the town of Louisiana along the Mississippi River. This is on KCS's Roodhouse sub. The Roodhouse local is seen here in Mexico Mo. For the moment they are waiting on a NS train to clear up. After than they will make a few Face sitting Roodhouse Illinois to pick up some cars. After that is done they will be headed back home. Jan 10, Solid black GP40 does the honors once again. I really would like to catch a west-facing Belle on one of these trains.

The KCS Roodhouse Local gets ready to head west out of the yard with what at the time was one of only a few remaining Gateway Western units on the roster. It was cool to get this old girl on her home "Gutter Rat Western" rails. This southbound local is seen stopped at the depot to pick up orders before proceeding on to Roodhouse.

After the ICG abandoned this line around the depot fell into a state of disrepair but was later saved and restored. I believe it still survives as an Italian restaurant. Just out of view to the left is the Burlington Northern's Beardstown sub that dropped south out of Galesburg and went to southern Illinois. Both KCS and a hawk are taking off. This train used to be a pretty regular sight in mid to late afternoon. Sheffield Steel can be seen in the far right background and Kansas City's Jewish Cemetary can be seen on the hill to the left.

This area has completely changed, as the easternmost of the two big flyovers that BNSF built comes back to ground level right about where the lead unit is. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags roodhouse.

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Face sitting Roodhouse Illinois

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