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Family Of Accident Victim Wants Driver To Be Charged


The family of accident victim Calwin Nichols is calling for police to do a proper investigation into the accident that led to his death on Sunday. Esther Sobers spoke to the grieving family and filed this report…

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The family members of the late 26 years Calwin Nicholas are calling on the police to conduct a proper investigation into the accident on Sunday at the Diamond Access Road East Bank Demerara that claimed Nicholas’ life. They dismissed the statement regarding the accident after they learned that the driver of the car who was also involved in the accident was not charged. They also asked as to why the surviving pillion ride, Latoya Kowes has not given a statement to the police. On Tuesday, family members gathered at the deceased’s residence in Kaneville EBD.

The mother of the injured rider was also present at the home.

Randy added that he was disgusted by the fact that rather than rendering assistance an onlooker stole his deceased brother’s valuables and money.

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