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Female Security Officers Bemoans Security Firm

After working several months with a security firm, two female employees are still awaiting their salary. Leslyn Norton and her sister Lovie Norton were employed by Titanium Security Services. The two women who mostly worked on the night shift at the Sophia Nursery School said that from the day they were employed they have never been paid.

Leslyn is a single mother of four who continued to work despite not being paid for the past 5 months. She said that she was promised a salary of 65,000 (GYD) per month, meaning to date over 300,000 (GYD) is owed to her. As her money woes continued, the single mother is now left in deep debt and the uncertainty of the future of her child’s education.

Leslyn’s sister, Lovie noted that they opted to visit the Guyana Labor Department for their intervention. A meeting was scheduled for today with their employee Mark Golta, who failed to make an appearance. Nonetheless, the Labor Department plans to pursue this matter. Meanwhile, Headline news made a visit to the Sophia nursery school, which contracted Titanium Security Firm. There we learned that the other security officers were not paid. This has caused the security officer on the morning shift to not attend work and a new firm is likely to be contracted to guard the school. To seek answers pertaining to the officer’s salaries Headline News made contact with the security firm representative Shawn Andra.

Andra noted that employees will be paid on Friday 15th February. Headline News will keep you updated on this story as details arise.

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