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Foo Vs Mayor Over Money Found In Bag

An article was published in chronicle newspapers about the Chief Constable Andrew foo being under investigation after a bag of cash belonging to the Mayor and City council was found inside his vehicle. The incident took place last Tuesday.

The Mayor said that he only heard of the situation from someone on the road. However, the Chief constable Foo, today in an interview with headline news refuted the statements made by the mayor about not being notified about the incident.

The Chief constable further noted that the vehicle in which the money was found, was last used as an escort for the treasury and was not driven by him.

Foo added that the bag of money would have been in the vehicle for three weeks, while the vehicle was under repairs. The bag which was still locked contained 153,000 GYD.

The money find was reported to Foo by one of the constabulary drivers. Foo said he immediately informed both the acting town clerk, Sharon Monroe and City mayor, Ubraj Narine.

Foo continues to maintain that the matter was reported to the authorities and relevant personnel and no investigation is launched against him. The internal investigation, which his office is conducting, is on pause.

To further support foo’s story, the head of the administrative department Inspector Petal Bancroft and inspector Lander Bristol also noted that the incident was indeed reported to foo and an investigation was launched

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