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Former Chief Of Staff Hospitalized Following Arrest

Former army chief of Staff Gary Best has been admitted to the hospital. This happened following his detention by the police after the fatal accident which claimed the life of cyclist Jude Bentley. According to reports, on Saturday at approximately 4:31 am, Bentley was struck whilst cycling along Clive Lloyd Drive by an SUV, # PRR 8182 driven by Best who was reportedly over the legal limit of alcohol. Also based on police reports, Best was proceeding east along the southern lane of the Clive Lloyd Drive when he alleged that the cyclist suddenly appeared in front of him. According to Best, he applied brakes and the right front side vehicle collided with the cyclist. The cyclist, Bentley died at the scene whilst the driver, Best failed the Breathalyzer test.

Headline news will continue to follow and update this story as more details arise.

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