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Free Speech Or Liable? Lawsuit Demands Retraction


Minister Nicolette Henry says Rickford Burk defamed and libelled her, and she is suing him for 20 million dollars …Wendell Jeffrey is following that development.

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

The lawyer offices of Harmon and associates, representing Minister of Education Nicolette Henry, has sent a lawyer letter to PNC Stalwart and public relations consultant, New York-based Rickford Burk.

Burk who is Guyanese by birth is also the president and founder of Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy.

He is being sued by Henry for what Henry calls grossly inaccurate and mischievous statements. It is alleged that Burk had published on a social media platform, statements which read in part “the minister of education of the Republic of Guyana rolled out robotics with a white man as an instructor.”

That was on March 7th on March 9th, the lawsuit is alleging that Burke published another unjustifiable and malicious attack stating that
Quote: “Nicolette henry has failed Guyana with her incompetence as minister of education’.
it is further alleged that Burk suggested that minister Henry is one of the most incompetent ministers of the coalition government.

The matter arose from the recent national initiation of the STEM robotic program which causes Burk to surmise that the founder of the program, Karen Abrams, was unfairly treated, in favour of a White foreigner.
The lawsuit claims that Abrams does not believe that she was unfairly treated and that Minster Henry has correspondences from Adams to substantiate her claims.
The suit is demanding that Burk retracts his statements within 24 hours and give an unequivocal apology to the minister.
It is alleged that the lawsuit is demanding Damages in excess of $20 million dollars for libel
In response on his Facebook page, Burk said that the lawsuit is an attack on his freedom of speech.

Burk said, “I cannot be intimidated by a lawsuit or threat of a lawsuit. I live in the United States where the right to free speech is guaranteed…”
Burk continued by noting that Guyana also has a constitutionally guaranteed free speech policy and he added that it is always a dangerous proposition when politicians and governments attempt to undermine democracy, by seeking to silence free speech

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