Frisky lady for out of Desbarats, Ontario

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Just in time for last. You name.

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Brigham and R. Pittaway at South March, one a singing male. From them and from several other correspondents tome reports of Robins, here unci mere, singing, eg. Anyway, seeing them here and there in places where they have not been all winter means thiy are arriving back. Robins may not be the true harbingers of spring, as Homed Larks are.

A young observer. Steven Thome, writes me in excitement about hearing their high "Kil-dee Kil-dee" call. Indeed this is one of the most exciting' voices of spring, guaranteed to give you spring fever. There's a note of the unearthly about it, heard before the last snow goes. Slate - colored Juncos are mov ing. First report came to me from Eileen Morris who saw them on Harmer Avenue. Don't laugh. Best thing I myself saw capping a singing. Song Sparrow at Ramsayville marsh" was ewes in an open field on Limebank Road, with newborn lambs gamboling, then bobbing their Frisky lady for out of Desbarats furiously as they frequented mama's free lunch counter.

It is not often that one sees spring lambs in fields brown but bare of snow by March Certainly, with half a dozen Sparrow Hawks thrown. A list like that leaves the rest of us a bit breathless, in fti id-March. Another fine list of early birds was turned in by John Kelly, mostly observed at Vin-'' cent Massey Park, but including three Robins at Carling and Powell Avenues, righj in town.

He reports Bronied Crackles "just about, everywhere. He found Kildeer crvine eerily above. Dow's Lake. Same goes for Bryan Day. Earl Godfrey contributes more authentic spring touch es. He found three female Redwing Blackbirds last weekend, decidedly early for the dames. This created no end 6f commotion among the hordes of mate Redwings.

Things were looking up for. He reports lots of male Cowbirds here. No female yet Godfrey also found Ring-necked Pheasants calling, and Tree Sparrows returning in full spring song. He-had a Sharp-shinned Hawk above his garden in Alta Vista. John de Blois reports that the flaming red male Cardinal which wintered successfully near Cummings bridge has lately deserted her feeding station on Rideau Street. It was seen recently in Rock-cliffe. She and this column would be glad to hear news of it- For compensation. De Blois reports that an "old faithful" ' Redwing has returned to her place once again, t Douglas F r a s e r.

Energy Board, reports two Great Grey Owls now instead of just one. The one with the shot-up tail feathers was still there last Sunday, plus Ontario untouched one. Still another Great Grey Owl has been shot, this time at Innisville. Hope the Fish and Game people and the police can move in on the mat. Efforts are being made to obtain the specimen for. Stuck indoors last weekend. I played hookey Monday morning and went birding.

Mean weather, with few birds singing except those cheerful self-panickers, the Redwings. Saw the mill-run of new arrivals reported by others.

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What most impressed me was the mixture of "spring" and "winter" birds. They looked unnatural. Biggest flock I ever saw of Common Redpolls turned up near Gloucester dump, well over At Ridge School over a hundred Redwings yelled "Oka-lee" in jumbled chorus making a medley far more musical than their solo call. I wondered if the pupils in the school heard them and had spring fever and wanted to play hookey, as I was doing. Simonds prompts me tn remind readers that "King Solomon's Ring.

This is one of the most stimulating books, covering varied fields in natural history'. Get it for' your library and leave a second copy Ontario around your cottage or camp. It is the kind of book which will "convert a mere "gawker- at birds and other animals into an amateur student of therr wavs. SWir I- - n v 33 ran,! Very mild, snow melting. Ethel Fleming. Cairine Wilson.

Muriel Bur-rowes. Lady Violet Henderson. Amy Smellie. Winifred Er. Slater and Sherwood. March U Had breakfast with Ross e and Joe. This afternoon. Pauline drove me to our day at the May Court Tea room. On the way back. A jam. This evening Elsie Rowley and Lucy Kingsford. Satarday, March U Snowy aga n. Roma Gilmour s u g-gested driving Rossie. Pauline Lemoine and me. Talked to Ethel and Jessie Fauquier. Claire Keefer. Roma also drove us back, which was nice; the ro in Rockdiffe are simply terrible this year. March IS t went for a drive this afternoon with Admiral Kmgsmill.

Sweet frisky Winsome, the mare. They are comparing the de- two nylon-cotton type fabrics. The of the accelerated wearing trials will be passed to the appropriate Canadian Army authorities for use in deing future combat Frisky lady for out of Desbarats. The yard test course on National Defence property near Shirley Bay consists of a series of obstacles and rough surfaces.

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Each man carries a pole two inches in diameter to simulate a rifle. About IS minutes is the average time required to ' cover the course. Members of the test team, all Volunteers ranging in age in Early Spring, goes very fast. We flew along the Montreal Road, then back to tea at "Bally beg. Marion McKeand was there. Talked to the girls. Lady Burstall. Lindsay of Quebec, a relative of theirs. Talked to Mrs. Lucien Banceand others. Pauline drove me back to the McDougals. Sartwraay, March la Stayed in.

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I need to. This afternoon went with Rossie to tea at the Field ings. Talked to Marguerite Crombie, El s i e Rowley. Bunty Peck, the Clarks. Hilda Murphy. March 24 A lovely warm day, the snow going fast. Played bridge with Lady Burstall in the Lafleur house, comer of Stewart and Charlotte, which they bought recently. Played with Flossie Fielding. Marion McKeand and Mrs. Ash too. At the other table were Madame Eugene Fiset. George Desbarats, and Lady Burstall. This evening we went to the movies to see Mrs.

Vernon Castle, in The Firing Line. The first woman to cot her hair short, and start a new style. Friday, March M Busy from 19 to They represent a cross-section of the sic lis and abilities of typical Canadian. Cameron, head of the test group. The soldiers are employed ta.

Frisky lady for out of Desbarats, Ontario

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