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Frustrated Money Changers Plan To “Deal” With The Robbers And Their Families

Today, C2 HLN went to America street, where Aaron Lachman plied his trade. Lachman is the money changer who was robbed and murdered, together with his daughter, at their home in Better Hope, East coast demerara.

As the incessant rains poured down, the friends of Lachman all spoke to our news team. None of them agreeing to go on cameras. However, as they spoke, the anger and frustration of the men were obvious.

Some spoke of the belief that the police is not doing enough to protect them.

They lament the fact that it was only after Colin Hooper known as ‘Gun Youth was killed – execution style, that the police said that he was the suspect in the killing of money changer Prince Phillip Alleyne. The money changers wanted to know if the police did not have that information all the time.

The men said that they will have to do like Roger Khan and form their own vigilante group.

The still grieving and angry money changers gather at the corner of America Street and Water Street said that when they find out who robbed and killed their friend Lachman, there will be serious consequences.

One of the men shows our news team where he was shot in his abdomen and arm during a robbery last year, on water street, not far from the Stabroek Market.

The men said that they can’t understand when folks would come to rob and shoot them when they are working so hard to earn a living.

Fear of robberies has caused the money changers to stop plying their trade as soon as the sun sets. There was a time, just a few years ago when money changers worked on America Street, changing money, all through the night. That has since ceased

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