Fullerton wants great guy

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Thomas Fullerton. Professor in the Education department at McGill University.

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I'm Professor Fullerton Submit a Correction. Professor Fullerton's Top Tags. Tough grader Skip class? You won't pass. Check out Similar Professors in the Education Department 5. Apr 30th, For Credit: Yes. I'm surprised to read some of the comments about Tom. I took his Media and Tech class at McGill and really enjoyed it. Although it's not the most interesting class, Tom definitely is a great professor. He wants you to succeed and was always willing to meet outside of class to help you with asments or any questions.

He's a great guy!

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Gives good feedback Hilarious Amazing lectures. Aug 11th, Attendance is mandatory.

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The in class asments are easy A's, however the take home asments seem easy until you get your grade. He doesn't like to give A's unless he thinks the work is phenomenal. If you are majoring in English, chances are you'll get an A, if not, lower your standards.

The material is sleep-inducing. Tough Grader. May 5th, Great guy, horrible class. EDEC is the biggest waste of time ever, worsened by an excessive attendance policy. But don't worry, you'll at least learn how to use Twitter and Wordpress. At times, it seems that Tom knows the class is a waste of time too, but just keeps smiling throughout the ordeal.

And oh yeah, ePortfolio? Get bent. Dec 21st, Dec 20th, May 9th, I learned absolutely nothing new about incorporating technology in pedagogy. It felt like an ethics class in the digital world. Heard one lecture, heard them all.

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Pauses every three minutes waiting for applauselaughter. Difficult to reach. The class name should be changed to the Eportfolio class. Tough grader. Apr 29th, Very rude teacher. He is condescending and does not give straight answers. He is not helpful, and he takes forever to correct asments. Apr 8th, Does not give good feedback Half of the asments aren't even graded. Easy class. Attendance: Mandatory. Great guy he really wants to help. He doesn't care about the grades he cares about you.

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Has a great philosophy of education and he applies it at all his classes. Cool and funny. Good inspiration for future teachers. All Rights Reserved.

Fullerton wants great guy

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