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Ganesh Kasinath Emerge GTT Winner

Thrilling, nerve-wracking and unexpected were some of the thoughts of the patrons that attended the GTT star singing competition finals last evening at the Movie Towne Parking lot

The competition which was coordinated by GTT saw the several talented locals vying for the grand prize of 1 million dollars and a studio recording with Drew Thoven.

Hundreds of supporters came out to support their favourite singers whilst being entertained by local acts and the beloved Trinidad and Tobago band, Ravi B and Karma along with Shal Marshal.

The finalists were determined by a voting system where the public voted for their favourite contestants via a GTT app. As the elimination began, many were stunned as the crowd favourite Delisha Wright was not selected in the top three spots, however, those eliminated received a hamper.

Emerging the winner by the public vote was Ganesh Kasinath, whilst Tonia Somaroo received second place and Lerone Souvenir

Second place winner Samaroo spoke of be being bullied online as she plans to used her platform to spread love and unity through her music.

Though the crowd favourite was not the winner, the talent Delisha Wright plans to continue her music career.

The second and third place winners also received one hundred dollars along with a studio recording with Drew Thoven.

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