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GECOM dispels fake email

On Tuesday evening, an email began circulating that was composed by a person purporting to be Duarte Hetsberger, Personal Assistant to the Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield. The author of the email claimed that he was ordered to acquire and destroy electoral results. Attached to the email, was a paper that the author of the email claimed was the real electoral results for Region 4. This morning, the Guyana Elections Commission responded to the claim. The statement is as follows:


“The circulation of an email purporting to be sent by Mr. Duarte Hetsberger in which it was alleged that he destroyed electoral information and presented a substituted declaration of the Region 4 results, has been brought to the attention of the Guyana Elections Commission. The contents of the fake email with [the] attachment being circulated are not authentic and should be disregarded as no such act was committed by Mr. Hetsberger. The Commission views this recent malicious act not only as a personal attack on Mr. Hetsberger and the integrity of the Chief Election Officer but also an attempt to create mischief and confusion. Persons are therefore urged to be vigilant and do not allow the misinformation peddled by a malicious few to cause distraction and chaos.”

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