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Government acquires Ocean View Hotel

The Government on Thursday acquired the Ocean View Hotel Property through a compulsory order.

“This notice is made pursuant to paragraph (2)(a) of the Direction by the President under the Public Health Ordinance. Cap.145, and published on the Gazette, Legal Supplement- B, 16TH March 2020,” the Order stated.

According to the order, the property will be transformed into a National Sanatorium for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and related illnesses.

The proposed construction of a hospital on the land described in the order has been declared to be a public work.  This measure comes at a time when the number of confirmed cases of the virus continues to increase.

Transformation work on the Ocean View hotel began some weeks ago.

The gazetted order also mandated that the emergency measures including a 6pm-6am curfew, the closure of none essential business, and airports among others will remain in effect for another month- from May 4-June 3, 2020.


Source: Department of Public Information

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