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GPF releases crime and traffic stats for August 2018

The Guyana Police Force has recorded a 7% decrease in serious crimes at the end of August, 2018 relative to the same period last year.
There was a 16% decrease in Murder; a 23% increase in Robberies where no instruments were used by the perpetrators; a 1% increase in Robbery Under Arms where firearms were used; a 19% decrease in Robbery Under Arms where instruments other than firearms were used; a 5% increase in Robbery with Violence; a 30% decrease in Robbery With Aggravation; an 18% decrease in Larceny From the Person; a 1% decrease in Rape; a 4% increase in Burglary and a 9% decrease in Break and Enter and Larceny.
A Breakdown in the categories of murder thus far this year, is as follows:
Disorderly        28
Domestic          19
Robbery            13
Execution         nil
Unknown         6
Total     66

Firearms Seized
Eighty-seven (87) illegal firearms have been taken off the streets so far this year, compared to eighty-nine (89) for the corresponding period last year.
Breakdown is as follows:
Pistol                 47
Revolver            21
Shotgun              13
Sub-machine      1
Rifle                   5
Total    87
Seizures as per division:
A                    38
B                    13
C                      9
D                      6
E                      4
F                     15
G                      2
Total   87
Traffic Management
In respect of Traffic Management, there was a 7.4% decrease in Fatal Accidents recorded at the end of August, 2018. Serious, Minor and Damage Accidents have also been decreased by 24%, 35.4% and 10% respectively.

Causes of Fatal Accidents from January-August, 2018
Speeding                                                                                  29
Speeding/Driving under the Influence of Alcohol                      08
Pedestrian Crossing in the path of approaching Vehicle            07
Inattentiveness                                                                          10
Fail to Confirm to Sign                                                            01
Total  55
Categories of Road Users Killed – January to August, 2018
Pedestrian                               24
Pedal Cyclist                            14
Occupant in Car                      13
Motor Cyclist                           07
Driver                                        02
Occupant in Mini Bus 02
Pillion Rider 01
Towed on Bicycle 01

Total    64

Some Prevalent Cases Made for the period January-August, 2018
Speeding 13,903
Breach of Condition of Road service Licence /Music 2,615
Driving under the influence of Alcohol 2,389
Using cell phone while driving 566
Breach of Traffic Light Signal 963
Tinted Motor vehicles 1,987
Unlicensed Driver 1,062
Fail to wear Seat Belt 4,445
Dangerous Driving 497
Careless Driving 440
Fail to Wear Safety Helmet 1.168
Overload Minibus 1,136
Obstruction 1,295
Fail to Confirm to Sign 2,906
Crossing Double Yellow Line 1,948
TOTAL 37,317
Other Offences Totaled          21,751

Total Cases Made for the period January-August, 2018
Total                              59,068

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