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GPHC’s Pediatric Ward Receives Donation From Demerara Lions Club

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s (GPHC) Pediatric Cancer Unit, today received several items donated by the Demerara Lioness Lions Club as part of their project, to create a comfortable environment for the children and their parents.

The items included lounges, microwave and water dispenser.

President of the Demerara Lioness Lions Club, Kayeann Moore, explained that every year the organisation selects a project and it was felt that the Pediatric Cancer Unit was the most deserving.

“There are lots of kids here who are terminally ill. There are lots of parents who travel from far places to ensure their children are receiving necessary medical care that is needed to improve their condition and we really see that there is a need here,” Moore said.

She added that throughout the year, items will be donated to the ward.

Manager of the Pediatric Ward, Marissa Singh, thanked the Lions Club for their generosity, noting that this has been an activity the club has been engaged in for a number of years.

“For a number of years, the Pediatric Unit has benefitted greatly from the generous donations from the Lions Club. Especially, for the chemotherapy patients who are in the hospital for a very long time and so we appreciate the generosity.”

The Lioness Lions Club, District 60-A, was established on June 26, 2004, and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It continues to serve the country through various humanitarian ventures.

By: Kimberley Ferreira.

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