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GPL Employee Allegedly Tried To Solicit Money From Customer

Singer and songwriter, Clifford Charles, also known as Alabama, is seeking justice after being threatened and later assaulted by a subcontractor representing the Guyana Power and Light. He is accusing a reconnection employee with GPL, Quincey Campbell, of the incident.

Charles expressed having doubts about the monies owed to the power company. The GPL worker then made a called to the office which confirmed the number of monies owed. Charles said he opted to pay the company on a later dated however Campbell had other plans in mind.

The irate Charles retaliated by cursing the GPL employee and asked him to leave his property.

After noticing that he was being filmed, Campbell hurled threats at Charles. Charles later made a report of the incident at the East Ruimveldt Police Station.

Charles said that he did not think the GPL worker may not follow through on his threats. Charles said he visited a nearby shop in his neighborhood and what happened next has left him dumbfounded.

Charles who was bleeding profusely later received several stitches about his face and neck. He told C2 HLN that he does not feel confident that the police will be able to apprehend the suspect in a timely manner.

Charles opted to highlight his plight on social media and was later informed by someone that the vehicle number PVV5006 belongs to the accused, Campbell.

When C2 HLN contacted a senior personnel from GPL, we were informed that Campbell works with Noel’s Electrical and engineering, an external contractor.

C2 HLN contacted an official from Noel’s Electrical, the person on the phone sought to sidestep the issue.

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