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GPL employee shocked while repairing electric wire

An employee of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. is now hospitalized after being shocked by a live electric wire. He came into contact with the wire while performing repair work on an electrical pole in the vicinity of Stabroek Market.

The worker, whose name has yet to be released, was a part of a crew that was called in to repair a set of electric wires that were downed after a tree in the compound of St. Andrews Kirk fell onto them. The damage left sections of the wires and poles in need of immediate replacement.

He received the shock while handling one of the damaged wires. Eyewitnesses claim the shock threw the man from the pole and onto the ground. The same live wire fell onto the worker as he was on the ground, causing him to receive an additional shock. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital. His condition is currently unknown.

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