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Grieving Family Accuse Family Friend Of Fraud

On the evening of Thursday, September 13, tragedy struck the Suknanadan Family. An unnamed female driver knocked down two of their children on the Rupert Craig Highway in Ogle. The accident claimed the life of their 6-year-old son Sunil Suknandan and left his sister 17-year-old Venesha Suknandan in a critical condition. The grief-stricken family had lacked the finances for their son’s burial and basic supplies for their daughter. After several news reports brought attention to this; persons from across the diaspora sent money to assist the family. However, both parents were unable to uplift the money themselves as they lack the proper documentation. Hearing this, a close family friend, Jagnanda Persaud offered to assist with the collection of the monies. But the friend allegedly had plans of his own for the money.

Mr. Suknandan said that persons had sent over two hundred thousand dollars.

After Persaud also know as “sick man” refused to give the family the monies, a report was made to the police station. With this in mind, the Sukanandan family is asking persons from overseas not to give any money to Persaud whose contact number is 6277090.

Headline news made contact with Persaud to inquire about the missing funds.

The family refuted Persaud’s claims of receiving the sum of money. When further questioned about when he plans to give the monies owed this was his response.

The family is asking the general the public for information about the whereabouts of Jagnandan Persaud also known as sick man. Or persons are asked to make contact with the nearest police station.

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