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Guyana records 31 cases of COVID-19

Today, the Ministry of Public Health disclosed that the total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Guyana now stands at thirty-one as of April 6, 2020. This is an increase of two positive results since the MOPH’s update Sunday night. The number of deaths remains at four. A total of 115 persons have been tested thus far. Thus far, 31 have tested positive (inclusive of the four deaths). Another 84 have tested negative with the one inconclusive case proving negative after the mandatory 14 days isolation. Thirty-five persons are in institutional quarantine by the Ministry of Public Health across three regions. In Region Three – three persons; Region Four – 22 persons and Region Six – three. Currently, 23 patients are in institutional isolation.

The Public Health Minister also revealed that three family members of Guyana’s first case who had tested positive have since taken two post isolation tests which recorded a negative status for all three relatives.

Additionally, eight persons associated with this index case have recovered after isolation. The number of persons hospitalized in the COVID-19 ICU is eight, one of whom is critical. Calls to the COVID-19 hotline now totals 1,495.

The Ministry of Public Health again called on citizens to heed the Emergency Orders put in place against COVID-19 spread. In particular, she noted that persons are not adhering to the curfew and reminded of the seriousness of the situation and underscored the need for persons to stay at home.

This news comes on the heels of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory to wear masks when in public. While the decision has raised a debate on the effectiveness of cloth masks in preventing the transmission of the virus, the CDC nevertheless emphasizes that some protection is better than nothing as a majority of carriers of the coronavirus have little to no symptoms of the disease.



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