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Herstelling Residents Decry Deteriorating Road

After several years of enduring a deplorable road, the residence of Herstelling, E.B.D is voicing they’re concerning yet again. The Neighbourhood is complaining that Democratic Council has repeatedly refused to provide any solution with their plight.

Headline News had highlighted the road situation over a year ago and the local NDC had made promises to fix the road, but they have not. The residence bitterly complained of its deterioration which is more pronounced with flooding during the rainy season

One resident who also complained of the bad damage roads noted that it affects customers and prevents them from entering her business.

The residents keep highlighting their inability to access the roads during the rainy season, even as they remind the NDC that they are taxpayers.

38.5 Billion dollars have been budgeted for 2019 budget for Public Infrastructure with several major projects planned for 2019 which would include the repairs to roads, bridges, ports, airports and aerodromes.

However, since the ruling from Caribbean Court of Justice now deems the administration an interim Government, it is unclear whether all the Coalition’s perspective infrastructural works, including road repairs, will be executed.

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