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A woman. Boys and girls play with Legos. Text, Essentia Health Foundation, R. SPEECH It just turns your whole world upside down, and you just, instead of thinking, you know, when is she going to walk, when she's going to talk, you kind of think, what's going to happen to her. So a little narrowing of the aorta. You never know when life is going to plunge you into a situation that you couldn't even imagine, and that you don't want to be in.

You can just be.

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So knowing that you have a place to stay and those warm meals, that's really critical. And so their kids are there for a long period of time. When parents can be close to their kids, they do have better outcomes. I mean, it really is a lifesaver. SPEECH was really, I think, kind of comforting to feel like somebody, somebody was taking care of us in the middle of that. SPEECH The of volunteers that come into a Ronald McDonald House and the people that come in to cook the meals and support the families that are there, really build the underlying fabric of a community together.

Kristi Estabrook.

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Like a dinner, since the girls were born. And so that was pretty special. So this is really not only about the present, but it's about future families. SPEECH Just so important to see how the mission has grown, how it's expanded, and really, really excited that we'll be part of that here in Duluth.

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At Essentia Health, we believe that the only thing families should have to worry about while their child is in the hospital is helping them heal. We are really excited to bring this mission here to Duluth. The house provides private overnight rooms for up to five families, and serves nine meals a week to each family—all at no cost to them. With your generous support, this special project can come to life in November —and provide comfort and healing to more than 14, pediatric patient families.

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