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International Observers Call For Completion Of Region 4 Verification

On Thursday, a tally of votes from Demerara-Mahaica surfaced indicating that the APNU+AFC has won the region. However, the unverified results were rejected by all ten of the other contesting parties. Shortly thereafter, multiple international observer missions from the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States, the European Union, and The Carter Center who issued a joint statement objecting to the figures.

‘’The tabulation of results for the election in Region 4 was interrupted and remains incomplete. The law requires that tabulation must be conducted in the presence of party agents and observers. Until this transparent process takes place, the counting of votes recorded for Region 4 remains incomplete.’’

The statement further explained that the Guyana Elections Commission, including the chairperson, the commissioners, the chief election officer, the returning officer and deputy returning officers in Region 4, must be available and committed to establishing the results for Region 4 in accordance with the law. Until this occurs, the result of these elections cannot be credibly declared.

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