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Jagdeo: Coalition Using Race As Election Strategy


During his weekly press conference, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is continuing his call for the government to resign following the No Confidence Motion. Wendell Jeffrey has the detail in this report…

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Friday, 25 January 2019

Opposition leader Bharat Jagdeo has been employing a targeted strategy of turning the talking points of the Coalition against them. For years the APNU and AFC have accused the PPP of being a racist party.

The Coalition – both in and out of the government – has sighted the lack of Black Ambassadorial placements, Governmental hiring and extrajudicial killings to make their point.

However, the PPP through their General Secretary has been flipping the script. Jagdeo has been on a deliberate offensive of highlighting what he is now terming the racists’ slant of the Government

Jagdeo is hammering the point that the Coalition has moved away from highlighting the issues, to making the elections now about race.

Yesterday at his weekly press conference, Jagdeo pointed out that that strategy is not working. He then touted the PPP’s recent results in the polls.

Jagdeo told the press corps that this approach of the Coalition is likely to continue as an election ploy

Jagdeo sought to dismiss the rationale of the story that appeared in the Chronicle.

The PPP GS who was the President when most of these killings occurred, made the claim that the list is further flawed because it also includes the names of Indo-Guyanese

A lot of them…this is so

The former president repeated he called for a debate on the issue

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