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Jagdeo Condemns Fake News Attacking The President


Fake news has hit the headlines in Guyana, once again. Yesterday, the Ministry of the Presidency told persons to be wary of a fraudulent report claiming to be from President Granger. And in this report, Wendell Jeffrey tells us that the Opposition Leader has also come out against it...

Posted by Safetv2 Headline News on Thursday, 4 October 2018

In a correspondence from the Ministry of the Presidency, yesterday, the public was warned that someone has created a fake Facebook page that purports to be representing the Head of State.

The MOTP has since distanced itself from that post and asked that journalists and the general public be aware of the fake contents.

Today C2 HLN asked former President Bharat Jagdeo what he thought of persons who construct and post such kinds of fallacies.

Jagdeo added that he is of the opinion that it was the President’s own ppl who created that fake facebook page

The opposition leader said that highlighted by that post, was the reality that there were some racially insightful behaviours by Mayor in Bartica. He said that the PPP has written to the Ethnic Relations Commission to complain about that issue

C2 HLN asked Jagdeo if this incident justifies the call by the Attorney General for the inclusion of a sedition clause, into the cybercrime bill? The PPP GS said that while some parts of the bill have been amended, and the sedition clause reduced, he does not believe in heavy-handed governance

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